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Moma’s Farm began as a TV reality show which aimed at optimizing the use of animal traction among smallholder farmers with specific focus on reducing women farm labor. The idea was to popularize the use of animal traction among women smallholder farmers. In doing this, we organized farmers into units of five farmers per group, each group having at least 60% women farmers aided by their male counterparts. Groups spread across states in northern Nigeria participated in a competition utilizing work bulls in harrowing, ploughing, ridging, seeding and fertilizer applications, many of them for the first time. This was anchored by a studio based competition and developed programs were aired on Nigeria’s national television, the NTA.

Currently, our broadened scope aims at linking solutions to farmers and farmer’s field problems to solutions while utilizing the mass audience of the media. This entails a great deal of collaboration between farmers, research and industry. While we retain our focus on smallholder farmers and are slightly favorably biased towards the women smallholder farmers, we are also focused on helping farmers and farmer groups transit into industry, as agribusinesses, to enable them maximize profits.

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